dreams come true 2nd

in the silent night

it is hard for me to get through this phrase,
everytime I think about the future my heart aches with pain,
in this hour, all I can say,
I'll try my best!
I'll keep on trying!
Of coz we will all keep on trying..
I dont want to do things half hearted..
I keep remind myself to believe in me..
There will a brighter future, as long u keep on trying and never give up..
Hopefully my heart is strong, because I keep getting weaker and weaker as the time past by...

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dreams can come true


We waste a lot of time...
I think I need to rearrange myself once more...

I need time,
but I don't treasure my time,
thus I let it all spills..

when the last one drop,
then I will know,

how useless I have been,
for wasting a good time on nothing...
dreams can come true

Keep it Real

if they are meant to happen
it will happen.

if it was not,
whatever you do it will just fail...

looking into reality,
I realize how cruel this world this...
how pathetic we look,
how miserable we are...

no one bother to see,
no one giving a helping hand..
they just walk past by me,
ignoring the sign...

I keep on staring at them,
shouting 'Hey! I'm here!!'
no they don't bother..
continue they walk leaving me here..


the moment has come
for me to wake up
to realize,
I am what I am
I don't need people telling me what I can and can't
nor I need help to get to where I was meant to be

I am what I am
regardless what they said...
I am what I want to be
with or without help,
I'll get there

I pray that I will be strong,
I will keep on standing,
keep on being me,
until I can say

"This is Me!"
where I actually belong..

-Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly-
Robert Kennedy
dreams can come true

Birthday Bash 2013 : [ I was surprise, seriously]


Allah masih memberi aku peluang untuk bernafas di dunia ini..

special entry for special occasion..

thank you to Knights for a wonderful birthday surprise!~

you really gave your best to make this happen...


siap dengan OT, burung, fake phone call..


sorry Little Sis about your fall...

and sorry guys because I saw the cake...

despite everything you guys do to prevent me from seeing it..

th mimio 23 Mimio Girl Emoticons

suddenly I was rajin nak ambek biskut kat fridge.. XD

it's weird when Little Sis tetibe peluk mak..

and the only thing I can think is

"mak minta maaf kin fail nak masuk thn 5"

rupenye you was passing the birthday's card..

th mimio 23 Mimio Girl Emoticons

sorry about that..


baby sis screamed like someone broke into our house

almost knock me off me seat!

"burung masuk bilik"

after being mentally forced by bonda I give in and follow her upstairs..

at that time I was super annoyed..

"ala kaklang.. kalau kaklang kaklang buat ape.."

baby sis asked me when she saw me mad.

"akak panggil kakngah. hahahaha!!"

of course, if the same things happen to me I will scream for my twin..

th mimio 43 Mimio Girl Emoticons

yup yup yup, every single time...

and boleh kan,

time I was with baby sis,

little sis and twin rushing to take all the things from the car into the house..

and boleh gakk kan time tu little sis jatuh..

and throw all the things..

I hope you are okay...

and bonda with fake phone call to kakngah disguise as her friends..


memang hebaq-hebaq belaka kome semua ni...

it was one of the best day in my life..

it's hard not to notice every weird and awkward things that happen..

but I let my guard down..

a little bit..

should have not open the fridge..


th mimio 18 Mimio Girl Emoticons


and thank you for the strawberry cake!!

the 10 ice-cream that took all the space in the freezer!!

and thank you for the love!!

it was one of the best!!

th mimio 41 Mimio Girl Emoticons

this is my cake this year!!

new cake from secret recipe!!

I called it cake with lot's of strawberries!!

nyum nyum!

and my present this year is,

10 oreo's (3 different flavours) ice-creams!!

I was surprise and couldn't hold my laugh

siap high 5 my twin lagi...

it was funny because I kinda main-main when I said

I want 10 ice-creams!!

but dreams do come true!!

thank you so much!!

love you guys!

love you guys a lot!!

th mimio 27 Mimio Girl Emoticons

and thank you bonda sebab terjebak same!~

love you all for eternity!

dreams can come true

m i s s i n g

I miss my bed...
want to sleep!!

I really am sleepy!!
>~< please!!

maybe I should hit the sacks now..

maybe not since everyone is looking at me..
control amivie..
control yourself..
you are the boss of you...
I miss bed...

dreams can come true

Popcorn Status

Popcorn Status

aren't I the happiest little girl today?


my popcorn is now ready!!!

not that kind of popcorn...


not food,



yes I know,

they are adorable!!

claps claps claps!!

brown teddy bear emoticons 14 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

see how happy I am?

Arashi is having a live tour last year,

theme or title


and of course,

I can't afford to go there,

brown teddy bear emoticons 5 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

and being the nicest Idol (biased me)

they release a DVD!!!

Arashi LIVE TOUR!!!



hell, yeah yeah!!

this time,

Ohno choreograph some of their dances...

I can't wait to watch them!!

cute white kitten head emoticon 41 Cute White Kitten Emoticon

they said he put fishing kind of motion~ XDDD

riida is so cute!!

Arashi release a limited press and normal press DVD,

you can pre-order them through certain website...

and like usual the website's server crash

when the pre-order's battle for limited press starts..

but luckily,

I've managed to get it!!

been waiting so long for this day!!

Popcorn is scheduled on 24th April!!


checking my status,

brown teddy bear emoticons 2 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons






can't wait

can't wait!!!

cute white kitten head emoticon 101 Cute White Kitten Emoticon

must control emotion....

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dreams can come true

Exaggerate to the MAX!!

forget it!

tickets for 7pm, 9.45pm and 12.15pm has sold out...
sad and broken heart!

due to my extreme words and behaviour,

this stats are present like this,

"Twin, Fast & Furious 6 sold out for 3 consecutive days!!"


gomene twin...


dreams can come true

Question: WHY?

have you ever been so afraid that you dare not move forward??

I know this feeling I'm having is not the same..
mortal danger is too extreme...
but right now,

I'm scared....

I don't know...
a lot of things happen in this world
that makes me scared...
my heart beats weirdly these days...
so many things
I hate that it actually eating me in the inside...

I don't know why do I have to put up with my job...
I really don't enjoy being here...
I hate it?!
I don't hate my job...
I just
don't enjoy doing them...

it's not my forte, my passion or even my choice...

why do I have to put up with it?
can't I just quit?
then you are running away?
I'm not running, I'm quitting...
its hard to even wake up and find my inner happiness
force myself to go to work...

I'm scared...
if I quit what will happen to me?
if I quit will I find another job?
will that job fulfill my desire?
my passion?
or will it just repeat itself??
and nothing change...

why do I put up with this?
dreams can come true

you will be missed

though you leave us,

your memories stay alive....

we shared so many good times together,

me and you,

my family and you...

you brought laughter to us,

with your innocent looks and behaviors,

and we will Never Forget Them...

your are Cherish and Love by everyone,


you Cherish and Love everyone back...

and it makes it harder

to let you go...

life is way too short

and we never know

when it is time to go...

nobody saw it coming...

not me,

not twin,

not little sis

not baby sis,

not everyone...

the choice has been made...

though we pray it was the best,

and we did it for your sake,

but it was,

one of the hardest decision in my life...

may you rest in peace.


you will surely be missed...


miss you already...