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happy 31st sho-kun!!~

Happy birthday SHo-kun!
may this year brings you lots of love!~
be happy with what you are and be merry...
to live is a subjective things..

one can be happy even when he don't have anything..
one can be sad even when he has everything...

live and be happy...
be happy to be alive,
be happy to be born,
be happy to know your family,
be happy for your mom,
be happy for your dad,
be happy for your friends,
be happy for your enemies,
be happy to know that person,
be happy for your work,
be happy for your school,
be happy for your hair,
be happy for you internet,
be happy for the morning breeze,
be happy for that milk you get to drink everyday,
be happy for that phone called from grandma,
be happy for that garden you saw on your way to work,
be happy for that the old man you smile today,
be happy as you do the house chores,
be happy as you fight your way through,
be happy as you see the stars,
be happy as you understand yesterday 
be happy as you question tomorrow,
be happy as you puzzles on the future
be happy as you walk on this journey call life.. 

be happy stay happy and have a happy happy day...
Tags: arashi, sho sakurai
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